Give your image more interactivity! Hotspot's provides you with the ability to mark your image with either text, an icon, or an image, allowing you to link or tool-tip specific spots!


  • Icon/text/image as Hotspot element
  • Can be a link to page or product or a tool tip
  • Hotspot can pulse animate for a more dynamic Hotspot
  • Tooltip Only - Can include: text, image, shortcode, & HTML in the content section.

Oregon Sales Reps:
Barry Allen - (555) 555-5555

California Sales Reps:
Luke Cage - (555) 555-5555
Oliver Queen - (555) 555-5555

Nevada Sales Reps:
Bruce Wayne - (555) 555-5555
Selina Kyle - (555) 555-5555

Tool Tip

Below features the tool tip option using an icon for the Hotspot. 

Sara Gilbert
VP Sales
Mark Nelson
Marketing Director
Jake Jacobs
Senior Director
Melissa Nelson
Creative Director


Below example features link option using icon w/background as Hotspot.